HECOstix - Value Play
HECOstix help athletes improve their reaction speed.
HECOstix combine mental and physical training to help improve hand eye coordination and reaction speed.
HECOstix are designed with an ergonomic easy to grip texture and feature four easy to call out colors.
HECOstix come with a free drawstring bag with each purchase.
HECOstix are made with EVA Foam and safe for all ages
Ergonomic textured grip on HECOstix
Football training with HECOstix
HECOstix - Value Play
HECOstix - Value Play
HECOstix - Value Play
HECOstix - Value Play

HECOstix - Value Play

$21.99 $34.99

 HECOstix Value Play: Perfect Performance, Perfectly Priced

Introducing our HECOstix Value Play inventory - your opportunity to own the revolutionary hand-eye coordination training tool at a discounted price due to minor surface level blemishes. While they may not meet the aesthetic standards of our retail-ready HECOstix, these units are guaranteed to deliver the same outstanding performance and durability that athletes and coaches have come to rely on.

Sold Individually*

Product Features:

  • Minor Blemishes, Major Savings: Each HECOstix Value Play is brand new but comes with small, superficial imperfections (scratch, mark on the surface, etc.) . This does not affect the product's functionality or effectiveness, allowing you to train at full capacity while enjoying a significant discount.

  • Full Performance Guarantee: Just like our first-quality products, the Value Play HECOstix are designed for rigorous use. They maintain the same weight, balance, and foam quality to ensure your training is not compromised.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: By choosing our Value Play inventory, you're not only saving money but also contributing to a more sustainable practice by reducing waste and promoting the reuse of fully functional training tools.

Why Choose HECOstix Value Play?

HECOstix Value Play is perfect for athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts who value function over form and are looking for an affordable way to incorporate cutting-edge training tools into their regimen. With HECOstix Value Play, you're getting the same innovative design and quality assurance at a fraction of the cost, all while making an environmentally conscious choice.

Elevate your training with HECOstix Value Play - where minor imperfections bring major improvements to your game.


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Sold "As Is" with minor cosmetic imperfections and or blemishes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Coach Joe
Great team building tool

Great way for team to stay connected and have fun while working on their game. I coach my twin boys baseball team and they absolutely love it. They have both in one short week learned to adapt to the different positions that actually mimic baseball movements. Will definitely recommend for my select baseball organization.

Cynthia Dyrkacz

HECOstix - Value Play

Vincent Ragona Jr
Amazing tool for hand eye coordination

I am using this with little league baseball players to improve hand eye coordination. This tool is invaluable to any coach. It does exactly what it’s suppose to do. You can see the improvement in the kids.

alan mills

Elementary PE teacher! The kids absolutely love it!

Michael Chandler
What a GREAT tool

I use it for our entire 8U softball team. We get in a circle and toss to each other. The kids love it.