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HECOstix Basketball Drills – Dribbling, Defense, and Rebounding

Basketball drills are important in any athlete’s journey to becoming a pro. HECOstix developed a training tool that amplifies the results of every drill, creating enhanced coordination, confidence, and better focus among athletes. 

Importance of HECOstix in Basketball

HECOstix is a basketball training system that features a simple design. The design was engineered to create the perfect basketball drills tool – one that works on three of the most important areas of basketball.  The HECOstix basketball drill tool has been recognized as an excellent tool for improving dribbling and defense, as well as rebounding during a game. The tool is great for kids, adolescents, adults, and even professionals.  How HECOstix helps Basketball athletes HECOstix focuses on three specific areas of basketball. By addressing these factors, there is improved hand-eye coordination for basketball players, along with several additional benefits. 


The HECOstix tool helps to simulate a high point position and helps the player acquire the skills to handle a blocked basketball more effectively. The tool also helps with these rebounding skills:

▪ Simulates high pointing the basketball 

▪ Handle blocked/tipped balls with more confidence 

▪ Predict bounces off the rim/backboard and be first the the ball

▪ Overall rebounding improves as hand eye coordination improves

Hecostix Rebounding Drill


HECOstix helps a basketball athlete gain the skills needed to be a better defender. Some benefits to expect are:

▪Helps players focus using their peripheral vision

▪Improved non dominant hand usage and confidence

▪ Increase players overall offensive production

▪Tracking colors helps players see the ball through background noise

▪Faster hands and reaction speed

Importance of HECOstix in Basketball



Dribbling is an important skill, which the HECOstix helps to improve. Benefits in terms of dribbling may include:

▪ Offensive production and creativity are increased, along with defensive capabilities

▪ Enhanced focus among players

▪ Improvement in use of peripheral vision

▪ Increased proficiency with non-dominant hand

▪ Improves tracking of the ball during a game.

Hecostix Dribbling Drill