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HECOstix Tennis Drills - Striking, Volley, and Returns


Tennis may appear easy when you see the professionals play, but the fact is that it takes years of professional training and tennis drills to master all the skills of the game. If you’re a tennis player and want to improve your game, you’ve come to the right place. You need to build incredible hand-eye coordination, and HECOstix is the right product to help at every point along the way.

How HECOstix Helps Tennis Athletes

Undoubtedly you can use different methods to improve your tennis game, such as tennis volley drills. But using HECOstix is a more efficient and effective way, using its three-legged design with each leg colored differently. It is an excellent way to improve your hand eye coordination, agility, cognition function, and much more.

The Importance of Hecostix in Tennis

HECOstix brings the following benefits that help you improve your tennis game:


Improves your visual performance and activity to allow you to see and judge the ball efficiently

Provides you with a better depth and speed perception that allows you to accurately measure the trajectory and position of the ball

Improves vestibulo-ocular reflex, which means that it enhances your ability to involuntary stabilize your gaze to track the ball while in motion

Allows you to calculate everything in your visual field by improving your sense of peripheral vision

Improves your motor and visual memory to react automatically against the moving ball

Allows you to make perfect racket and ball contact

Hecostix hand eye coordination drill for tennis players-Ball Striking


▪ Unparalleled reaction drill for quick hands Faster reaction speed

▪ Helps players use their peripheral vision

▪ Overall volleying skills improve as hand eye coordination improves

Hand eye coordination drill for tennis players- Volley


Allows you to calculate the ball spin, distance, swing, speed, and trajectory 

Improves cognitive and focus functions

Allows you to process information instantly

Enables you to tackle pressure situations with strong nerves

Hand eye coordination for tennis players -Returns