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HECOstix MMA Drills - Striking, Grappling, and Defense

It’s so exciting to watch UFC or MMA athletes in the ring. But it’s not easy to get there - it takes hours and hours of daily practice and training. MMA players not only have perfect body control with exceptional strength and endurance, but they also have incredible hand-eye coordination. Just like any other sport, coordination is very important to MMA and UFC athletes as well. If you are aiming to succeed in this sport, opt for HECOstix to build this skill.

How HECOstix Helps MMA Athletes

There are countless ways for UFC and MMA fighters to improve their game, but none of them are more effective and efficient than HECOstix. It's a revolutionary product that is constructed with three differently colored legs. HECOstix MMA drills not only allow you to improve your hand-eye coordination but it also improves your reflexes, agility, cognition, information processing, and more. All of these skills are just as important for fighting as weightlifting for rotational strength. While using HECOstix, one participant needs to throw it and call out a certain color, and the other participant will try to catch that color. This can be done vertically and laterally or using the dominant or non-dominant hand to add challenge. Not only does it allow you to achieve the benefits mentioned above, but it also improves your dodging and defense skills. Moreover, you can scale HECOstix to any level you want. Hand Eye Coordination is Vital for MMA and Boxing Athletes

Importance of HECOstix in MMA

HECOstix offers but is not limited to the following benefits:


Increases your confidence and non-dominant hand control

Provides quicker reaction speed and hands

Improves counter striking with accuracy

Allows you to predict your opponent’s behavior

Increases your striking production

hand eye coordination training


▪ Allows you to utilize your peripheral vision effectively

▪ Improves your overall grappling skills

▪ Enhances hand-eye coordination 

▪ Enables you to process information faster

Hecostix MMA Drills - Grappling


▪ Improves your cognitive abilities and focus function

▪ Provides you with better sports vision training

▪ Improves your blocking techniques

▪ Allows you to manage pressure and difficult situations with strong nerves

Hecostix MMA Drills- Defense