Why choose hecostix?

HECOstix are revolutionary hand eye coordination trainers which require users to track colors and process information rapidly in order to catch them correctly. Because HECOstix are made with a proprietary blend of EVA foam, they are soft enough to allow people of all age and skill level to participate. We back our product 100% and each HECOstix carries a lifetime warranty if used as intended.
Hand-eye coordination tool
Track & Catch The Color

By tracking the color being called, athletes are forced to focus on their target all the way into their hands. This improves hand eye coordination and will lead to better overall cognitive skill development.

hecostix vs competitors
Our HECOstix are built to last!

There are many cheap knockoffs on the market, but you get what you pay for. Our colors don't fade or peel off, theirs will. We offer a lifetime waranty on all HECOstix for a reason.

HECOstix game
HECOstix Are Perfect For All Age & Skill Levels

Because of the high quality material we use in our products, HECOstix are safe for use just about anywhere you want to train. Whether it's at the beach, park, or even the pool, feel confident that you'll have fun training with HECOstix!


Hand Eye Coordination
Reaction Speed
Information Processing
Spotting Landing Areas
Non Dominant Hand Confidence