GOALIES: If you're a goalie, you know how important it is to have incredible hand eye coordination. If you're a goalie and not currently training with HECOstix, you're missing out on the competitive edge you need! Seriously, goalies just stop reading now and add to cart.


  • Incredible for maintaining focus through traffic 
  • Helps players use their peripheral vision
  • Tracking colors helps players see the puck through background noise
  • Improved non dominant hand control and confidence
  • Faster hands and reaction speed
  • Increases players overall offensive production


  • Unparalleled reaction drill for quick hands 
  • Faster reaction speed
  • Helps players use their peripheral vision
  • Focus on the puck drop 
  • Increase your face-off speed
  • Overall face-off skills improve as hand eye coordination improves


  • See what you hit and reduce penalties as a result
  • Improved focus and cognitive functions
  • Process information significantly faster
  • Fight or Flight training for pressure situations

Click this link for a more detailed explanation of the importance hand eye coordination training is with hockey players and coaches.