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HECOstix Hockey Drills - Goaltending, Offense, and Defense

Mastering hockey drills is one of the most difficult types of athletic training. They need exceptional accuracy and agility in order to control the puck while in motion. Moreover, hockey players use all types of drills such as defensive hockey drills, hockey goalie drills, and skating drills to improve their skills. If you're a hockey player and want to take your game to the next level, use HECOstix. Keep reading to find out how HECOstix can help you on the ice.

How Does HECOstix Help Hockey Athletes

HECOstix is an incredibly fun way to hone your hockey skills. Not only does it improve your hand-eye coordination, but you can also scale HECOstix for all types of drills, including hockey goalie drills. It comes with three legs, each with a different color. The best way to use this revolutionary product is to call out colors while tossing it back and forth, and the receiver will have to catch the corresponding color. With variable distance and speed, your brain starts processing the spin of HECOstix faster - this practice improves your reflexes and reaction speed over time. Hand Eye Coordination Training for Hockey

The Importance of HECOstix in Hockey

Using HECOstix to master your hockey skills is one of the most effective ways to elevate your game. It offers the following benefits:


▪ Improves the peripheral vision 

▪ It offers exceptional tracking skills that enable you to follow the puck

▪ Improves distance and depth perception

▪ Enhances your overall cognition and improves reflexes

Hecostix Hocky Goaltending Drill


▪ Incredible for maintaining focus through traffic 

▪ Helps players use their peripheral vision

▪ Tracking colors helps players see the puck through background noise

▪ Improved non dominant hand control and confidence

▪ Faster hands and reaction speed

▪ Increases players overall offensive production

Hecostix Hocky Offensive Drill


▪ See what you hit and reduce penalties as a result

▪ Improved focus and cognitive functions

▪ Process information significantly faster

▪ Fight or Flight training for pressure situations

Hecostix Dribbling Drill