HECOstix Baseball Drills - Hitting, Catching, and Pitching

Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important things for most athletes, especially for baseball and softball players. HECOstix is one of the best tools to improve hand-eye coordination for baseball players.

What is HECOstix?

HECOstix is a revolutionary product specifically designed for athletes to improve their speed, agility, reflexes, and focus. It’s a fun activity for people of all ages that offers limitless training applications. Any baseball player can use HECOstix in baseball drills for performance training.

How HECOstix Helps Baseball Athletes

HECOstix comes with three legs in different colors to improve the performance of athletes. These colors allow the baseball athletes to call a single color or combination of colors before throwing it to the receiver. While the HECOstix is in the air, the athlete processes its spin and catches the called color. It allows the baseball player to accurately interpret the speed and distance of the ball in order to track and catch it.

Importance of HECOstix in Baseball

HECOstix improves reflexes, agility, and enhances overall cognitive function. Other than that, it offers the following benefits.
Pro athletes training with hecostix
HECOstix Helps Players with Hitting

▪ HECOstix enables players to concentrate better and pick up the pitcher’s release point ▪ Reduces strikeouts by improving contact ▪ Improves pitch recognition ▪ Increases and enhances offensive production ▪ Allows the players to hit better to the opposite field ▪ Processing the HECOstix colors allow the players to observe and identify spin more accurately ▪ Faster reflex and reaction speed

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HECOstix Improves Fielding and Pitching in baseball and softball
HECOstix Improves Fielding Performance

Simulates watching the ball into the glove ▪ Pick up the ball off the bat ▪ Incredible pop fly drills with wind and ball spin ▪ Overall fielding is improved as hand eye coordination improves

HECOstix sports training
Hecostix Improves PITCHING

▪ Unparalleled reaction drill for fielding ▪ Improved focus and cognitive functions ▪ Pick up the ball off the bat Fight or Flight training for pressure situations




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