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Exercise Ball + HECOstix Bundle

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Join Us For The HECOstix + Exercise Ball Challenge!

The challenge is simple, but it's definitely not easy. Place your HECOstix on top of the exercise ball and hold it chest height. Once you're ready, drop the ball and try to catch your HECOstix on the correct color. Each bounce will produce a new directional catch! 

This can be done solo or in group training sessions and the level of difficulty can be adjusted by changing the drop height (higher drop = increased difficulty). If solo, the person dropping the ball calls out the color to catch. If used in group training, the trainer calls out the color to catch.

Get your HECOstix/Exercise Ball bundle today and try out the hottest fitness challenge on social media! *Make sure you're attempting this exercise in an area with plenty of space because the HECOstix will bounce at random.*

65 cm - Blue

Bundle includes: 1 Exercise Ball + Pump + 1 HECOstix Trainer