Why HECOstix is a big plus to students

by Josh Broeker on June 22, 2019

HECOstix is changing the world of sports hand-eye coordination and vision training. Because of the firm and soft EVA foam fabrication, HECOstix is able to offer limitless variants of exercise to students from all ages and skill levels. HECOstix is the ideal training tools that cross over various sectors, including physical education, recreation, athletic training, rehabilitation, and physical and occupational therapy.

With happy clients in 27 countries in the world and all the states of the US, you can be comfortable to sell HECOstix to anybody. The company is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for millions of students all over the world.

Why Do Students Need HECOstix?

HECOstix enables coaches and students to develop continuously changing sensory stimuli and environments. By calling out the hand combinations and colors, the students are obliged to identify the information in real-time speeds like in game scenarios. Where ordinary balls flop, HECOstix offer the highest levels of sensory stimuli for optimal productivity and performance.

HECOstix has been used by trainers, athletes, and coaches across UFC, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, and NFL.

HECOstix can be used by students to enhance:

  • Non-Dominant Hand Confidence
  • Spotting Landing Areas for Athletes
  • Anticipation or Prediction
  • Information Processing
  • Reaction Speed
  • Hand-Eye Coordination

How Do HECOstix Work?

HECOstix has taken the simple game of playing catch an extra mile with their added twist. It has three legs that are toned using different colors. The different colors allow students to call a color or hand combination and then throw it to the receiver. The receiver must process the information when the HECOstix is in the air and catch the color or hand combination that corresponds with the one called by the thrower.

Appears easy, right?

HECOstix is safe for people of all ages and levels of skills. They are non-toxic and certified by all the relevant certification boards. One HECOstix weighs about 5 oz, which is comfortable for students of all ages. They are also comfortable and strong with their EVA foam construction. The sticks are also waterproof, which makes them excellent training tools during any weather condition and durable. They can be used in group or solo settings.

From beginners to professional athletes, HECOstix provides coaches and students the competitive edge required to become exceptional in the field and sharpen their minds. If you want to become the best in the congested world of exceptional athletes, you will need HECOstix. The company stands behind its products with a lifetime warranty to assure that the strength of their products is enough to withstand your use.

So, if you are planning a day outdoors, HECOstix is perfect for fun with other students and colleagues. They can supplement any outdoor activity.

Training using HECOstix is not only helpful to student's brains, but they are also excellent for low impact exercises.

Training with HECOstix is not only for our brains, but it's also an incredibly low impact exercise.

For students who want to track the puck like elite goaltenders, they have to possess excellent hand-eye coordination. It is a skill that can get enhanced. Using HECOstix is cost effective and fun, and it helps in achieving the results. Every athlete in the catch game should have a set.

Students who have played tennis understand the importance of hand-eye coordination. HECOstix helps in improving your shot confidence and ball contact. Using HECOstix is so much fun, and it has a lot of therapeutic benefits for students who need physical and occupational therapy, have better coordination, and overall fun.

Final Verdict

Everything students do in life, and sports is made perfect through muscle memory and repetition. Sometimes people forget the fact that not all training implemented to become successful must be achieved by the utilization of high tech equipment. Always, simple training tools can be excellent in the quest for excellence. HECOstix is an excellent example of how a simple and cheap device can help in achieving excellent results. Simply stated, I love what HECOstix offers to the students. I recommend it to be part of the training for students who need to enhance their hand-eye coordination and learn the difficult catching skill. Over time, students who use HECOstix develop remarkable hand-eye coordination and agility in the field.