How HECOstix Improves Athlete Performance

by Josh Broeker on June 23, 2019

From hitting the weights to running around the track, athletes everywhere are looking for ways to improve their skills and boost their performance. But while it's very important for athletes to work on strength-building exercises and workouts to increase mobility, many of them don’t focus on improving their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. And with the growing competition and slim margin for error in just about any sport, it’s vital to stay ahead of the pack in any way possible. While there have been tons of devices that help to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and other aspects of an athlete's performance, nothing compares to the power of the HECOstix. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how this device works and the various ways it can improve athlete performance.

How the HECOstix Works

HECOstix is as simple as playing a game of catch, but it's a little more intricate. The device consists of three color-coated ends, shaped like sticks. The game involves a passer that throws the device, and a receiver that will catch the device. Standing at least a few feet apart, the passer will throw the HECOstix to the receiver while simultaneously calling out a color and/or hand to catch with (for example: left red, or right blue). The receiver will then try to catch the device at the location that corresponds with what the passer calls out. Take a look at how this game can boost your game on the field:

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

The best athletes in the world have exceptional hand-eye coordination skills. If your hands and eyes aren’t on the same page, it’s hard to be successful while playing the games we love. The HECOstix forces the player to concentrate intensity in order to catch the stick correctly. The receiver not only has to remember which color to catch, but also what hand to catch with. We recommend starting off by only calling out colors, then progressing to calling out the hand once the receiver feels more comfortable.

Maintains Focus Through Traffic

From basketball to volleyball, all sports have a lot of outside noise going on. While this refers to the actual physical noise from the crowd, equipment, and other players, it also refers to the noise going on inside your brain. The HECOstix works to limit this noise and to retain focus throughout the whole exercise. This will help train the brain to be more prepared for intense game situations while staying focused and concentrated.

Improves Reaction Speed

The best athletes have impeccable reaction speed. Player reactions and reflexes can be the difference between a crushing loss and a rewarding victory. The HECOstix is a great tool for improving reaction time while maintaining focus. While the passer simultaneously calls out a color and/or hand to catch with, you have a split-second to process this information to make the catch correctly. From hitting a 100 mph fastball to blocking a shot to win a basketball game, reaction speed is everything in sports.

Increases Cognitive Function

No matter what sport you play, it’s vital to have a high cognitive function. Not only can that lead to faster reaction time and more focus, but higher cognitive function can also lead to better decisions when the game matters most. When we use the HECOstix, our brains are hyper-focused on the situation in order to make the catch properly. This exercise trains our minds to be more aware of the situation while blocking out outside noise. By constantly participating in this exercise, you can reach a high level of cognitive function that’ll be sure to boost your performance.

Athletes that use HECOstix

Professional athletes all over the world use HECOstix as part of their routine training regimen. These athletes compete at the highest level, and the HECOstix has helped them improve their cognitive function, reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, and much more. Pro athletes and coaches everywhere see the amazing benefits that the HECOstix provides. Take a look at some professional athletes and teams that use this incredible product:

  • Alvin Kamara, running back for the New Orleans Saints
  • Mike McKenna, NHL goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers
  • Melvin Gordon, running back for the Los Angeles Chargers

Professional athletes all over the world use HECOstix to take their training exercises to new heights. No matter the sport, no matter the age, the HECOstix is the perfect training tool.

Get the Competitive Edge You Need

After the idea was first thought of in 2015, CEO Joshua Broeker soon created the first HECOstix made out of a painted, three-pronged PVC pipe device. After countless days of personal testing, Josh realized that this device can change player performance as we know it. After some design and construction tweaks, the HECOstix was made into what it is today: the #1 athlete training tool. From improving cognitive acuity to increasing reaction speed, the HECOstix is here to take player performance to the next level.