The Importance of Hand-Eye Coordination in Football

by admin heco on November 25, 2020
Good hand-eye coordination is critical for every athlete. With proper coordination, it’s easy to carry out or perceive any movement. But for people, especially children who haven’t perfected this cognitive ability, it can be a major setback.
Here, we will delve deeper into this complex cognitive skill. We will show you why every child needs to perfect it if they want to succeed in football. We will focus on its benefits and all the statistical research that covers it. So, let’s get right to it.

Benefits of Eye Hand Coordination In Football

Everyone who plays football mixes strategy and strength with hand-eye coordination. It’s a vital component of every match.

Even though only 60% of those on the field will actually need to rely on it, they will need to catch and throw the ball with perfection.

The benefits of this type of coordination are clear when you take a look at a professional athlete. If a quarterback were to throw a spiral over 50 yards, he can’t make a mistake. His grip has to remain intense, and his focus on-point. For those who have perfected the skill, it’s easy to stand out. Players have:

  • Better throw
  • Excellent catching
  • The ability to lock on target for a long time
  • The chance to take a steady shot

The moment they throw, you can see their connection to the ball. They deliver with precision and amazing display. It’s all thanks to their perfect eye-hand coordination.

What Happens If a Player Lacks Good Eye-Hand Coordination?

Anyone who intercepts or catches the ball will have to raise their hands at the right moment. They would need to track the ball at all times.

Without adequate coordination, they’ll lack perception and focus. The slightest miscalculation can alter the ball’s course and cost the game.

They won’t be able to adjust their swing and accommodate the throw. In fact, poor coordination is the reason behind failed pitching, chipping, or defense. For a football player, this is something you can’t afford to lack.

How Can One Improve Their Coordination?

Experts believe that all the neurons in the brain get better and stronger with repetition. They tend to learn new behavioral patterns and improve with time. This is what we call “practice." Since our neurological connections can improve, our brain is capable of boosting eye-hand coordination.

All it takes are the right exercises like regular football drills and ball squeezes. Basically, anything that requires repetitive movements and forces you to watch the ball’s trajectory as it moves around.

Aerobic exercises can also come in handy. Studies have shown they might boost brain volume and improve coordination. Research shows low-impact exercises can also have the same effects. The easy repetitive movements help balance out the brain and motivate the body to do some stretches. While it isn’t as effective as football practice, it can be a good change of pace.


The earlier people start to train their coordination, the better. If your pupil or child is interested in becoming a professional athlete, it’s essential to start practicing. With enough exercise, it’s easy to get better at the game.