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HECOstix Football Drills - Catching, Blocking, and Tackling

Most football players perform all different types of football drills to take their game to the next level. Undoubtedly the football drills help a lot, but there is another way to achieve the most skill development in the least amount of time. You heard it right! Now you can use HECOstix, which improves not only your hand-eye coordination but your overall football game. It's one of the revolutionary products out there for athletic training that football professionals use. Here’s how it helps football athletes.

How HECOstix Helps Football Athletes

You can use HECOstix whether you're a beginner or an experienced football player. HECOstix has three legs, each colored differently, which allows you to do drills with variable difficulty. For example, if you’re doing a football receiving drill, you can use HECOstix instead of football. You can ask the other participant to throw the HECOstix, call a certain color, and you will work to catch it with that colored leg while it spins. This way, you can have unlimited training methods across all football skills, even in tackling drills. Not only will it improve your reflexes and agility, but it will also improve your cognitive functioning. Learn more about Hand-Eye Coordination in Football.

Importance of HECOstix in Football

HECOstix football drills will allow you to achieve the following:


Improves your focus by using your peripheral vision

▪ Allows you to see and focus on the ball though background noise and visual interruptions

▪ Improves hand-eye coordination and reaction speed

▪ Increases your overall offensive production

▪ Provides confidences and enhances non-dominant control

▪ Exceptional tip drill practice

Hand-Eye Coordination in Football


Simulates and improves the hand fighting speed

Provides faster reaction speed

Offers unparalleled blocking improvement

Exceptional reaction drill for quicker hands

Hecostix Blocking football drill


Improves cognition and focus

Allows you to process the speed and distance of the ball much faster

Offers strong nerves in flight or fight training

Allows you to focus on tackling and wrap up

Train like the pros with HECOstix