How do HECOstix Improve Hand Eye Coordination?

by Josh Broeker on June 22, 2019

Hand eye coordination is the relationship between the eyes and the limbs in space. This coordination is a crucial part of every sport. While countless drills and products have been developed over the years in an effort to improve the hand-eye coordination of athletes at all levels, none can approximate HECOstix. A unique product that provides access to exceptional drills, HECOstix strives to improve the hand-eye coordination of every athlete. With focus, dedication, and determination, HECOstix has the ability to rapidly advance the skills of athletes at all skill levels. Just how does HECOstix work and how is it able to improve an athlete’s hand-eye coordination?

An Overview: Targeting the Cerebellum and Motor Cortex with HECOstix

HECOstix seeks to advance hand-eye coordination by targeting two separate areas of the brain. These are the cerebellum and the motor cortex. The cerebellum is located at the back of the brain. The cerebellum serves as a variety of functions including:

  • Receiving information from the various sensory portions of the brain and the spinal cord
  • Processing this information and transmitting it to the limbs in space
  • Regulating the movements of the arms and legs to perform various tasks

Targeting the Cerebellum and Motor Cortex The cerebellum is responsible for the minor adjustments of the arms and legs, ensuring that they are coordinated properly prior to executing a motor task. The motor cortex also plays a role in hand-eye coordination. It rests in the frontal lobe of the brain. Its function includes:

  • Generate neuronal impulses that travel to the arms and legs through the spine
  • These impulses cause certain muscle groups to contract
  • These contractions then generate muscle movement

The cerebellum and the motor cortex work together to generate movement through hand eye coordination. HECOstix seeks to train these two areas of the brain to improve hand eye coordination and athletic performance.

HECOstix Delivers Sensory Stimuli to the Brain

HECOstix has been designed to generate sensory stimuli that target the cerebellum and the motor cortex. Combining this tool with various drills will enhance the athlete’s endurance, mechanics, and coordination. Using HECOstix as a part of various sports drills, hand eye coordination will improve. Each of the arms of the HECOstix has been colored differently. Unlike a typical ball, the colored arms of the HECOstix add a new layer of difficulty. In addition to performing the speed and agility required in various drills, the athlete also needs to think about the color of the different arms of the HECOstix. This added layer of difficulty pushes athletes to the next level and tests their hand eye coordination in a new way. As athletes rise to meet these demands, their hand eye coordination will improve.HECOstix Delivers Sensory Stimuli to the Brain

Using HECOstix in a Drill

In a typical drill, the coach or partner will throw the HECOstix in a certain fashion. Depending on how the HECOstix is thrown, the spin rate and the rotational axis will vary. Some of the ways that it could be thrown include:

  • Underhand, which generally has a lower spin rate
  • Sideways in a frisbee fashion, which adds a layer of difficulty
  • Overhand, which allows for various rotational axes and increased spin

When the HECOstix is thrown, the coach can call out different commands to the athlete during a drill. This forces the athlete to interpret the spin rate and the axis of the HECOstix, identify the color asked, and execute the proper command in a short amount of time. This demand on the athlete elevates his or her hand eye coordination by forcing the eyes to track the HECOstix, pick out the correct arm, and execute the command properly.

Athletes Rise to Meet the New Demands

Finally, HECOstix can also become a fundamental part of athlete training because the players desire to use it. Throwing and catching HECOstix is more difficult than using a regular ball. HECOstix can simulate a game situation by:

  • Hyper-focusing the athlete on the HECOstix to track the spin rate and locate the correct color
  • Improve reaction time by calling out different colors on the HECOstix
  • Forcing athletes to catch the correct arm while also performing the other demands of the drill

None of this can be simulated with a regular ball. The HECOSTIX engages all of these sensory and neuromuscular skills at the same time, optimizing athlete performance and productivity. The competitive drive of all athletes will force them to rise and meet these new demands. Players love using the HECOstix.

Improve Hand Eye Coordination Exponentially with HECOstix

This is only a sneak-peak with a few examples of how HECOstix can be used to advance the skills of every athlete. In addition to being useful in the world of sports, research studies have even shown that those with advanced hand eye coordination even have improved academic performance. The ability to advance the performance of individuals both in the classroom and on the field of play is unique and demonstrates the one-of-a-kind ability of HECOstix. Why not take a look at a few of these drills and see how they can improve the hand-eye coordination of athletes both on the practice field and during competitive play?

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