The Basics:

We recommend starting off tossing HECOstix like a bean bag, underhand. From the grey center, toss with little to no rotation so the receiver can get a feel for catching the color being called.

The next step is to toss HECOstix underhand, adding a little rotation while calling the color to catch.

Once you've mastered this technique, you can slowly start increasing the rotation and or calling the color later in the throw.

Depending on how many HECOstix you're training with, you can toss them simultaneously back and forth while catching the color being called. This is challenging and we recommend starting out with one person calling the color.

Focus is key with hecostix
Toss Underhand

Throwing HECOstix overhand will lead to inconsistent rotation and control. The underhand method will also make it easier to increase or decrease the difficulty during training and workouts.

improve decision making and cognitive skills with hecostix
Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself by using your non dominant hand while training, even tossing the HECOstix with your non dominant hand can be difficult. Get out of your comfort zone and have a little fun while training!



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