Boost Your Hand-Eye Coordination with HECOstix: 8 Engaging Exercises

by Josh Broeker on May 11, 2023

Hand-eye coordination is an essential skill in sports, and improving it can significantly enhance an athlete's performance. HECOstix is a versatile training tool designed to help users develop their hand-eye coordination and reaction time. This blog will explore the benefits of HECOstix and provide 8 engaging exercises to improve hand-eye coordination using this innovative tool.

The Power of HECOstix in Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

HECOstix is a unique training tool that resembles a three-pronged rubber stick, with each end marked by a different color (1). The unpredictable nature of the HECOstix's bounce, combined with the need to catch it by the called color, challenges users to react quickly and accurately, effectively improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time (2).

HECOstix is suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be used in various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball, among others (3).

Now, let's dive into 8 engaging HECOstix exercises to improve your hand-eye coordination.

  1. Basic HECOstix Catch

Start with the basic HECOstix catch to familiarize yourself with the tool. Toss the HECOstix in the air and call out one of the colors before it leaves your hand. As the HECOstix descends, catch it by the colored end you called (4). Increase the difficulty by throwing the HECOstix higher or by adding spins to the toss.

  1. Partner HECOstix Toss

Play with a partner to make the exercise more dynamic and challenging. Stand facing each other, and take turns tossing the HECOstix to one another while calling out a color. The receiving partner must catch the HECOstix by the called color (5). Increase the distance between you and your partner or add more spins to the toss to enhance the challenge.

  1. HECOstix Catch with Movement

Add movement to the basic HECOstix catch to simulate the dynamic nature of sports. Toss the HECOstix in the air, call out a color, and move laterally or forward before catching the HECOstix by the called color (6). This exercise challenges your hand-eye coordination, agility, and footwork.

  1. HECOstix Reaction Drills

Incorporate HECOstix into sport-specific reaction drills. For example, in football, have a partner toss the HECOstix as you run a pass route. In basketball, dribble towards the hoop and have a partner toss the HECOstix for a quick catch before finishing with a layup (7). These exercises integrate hand-eye coordination training with sport-specific skills.

  1. HECOstix Catch with Exercise

Combine HECOstix catches with physical exercises like burpees, squats, or push-ups. Perform the chosen exercise, then quickly stand up and catch the HECOstix by the called color (8). This exercise not only improves hand-eye coordination but also enhances overall physical fitness.

  1. HECOstix Juggling

Juggle multiple HECOstix to further challenge your hand-eye coordination. Start with two HECOstix and toss them in the air, calling out a color for each. Catch both HECOstix by the called colors before they hit the ground

  1. HECOstix Blind Catch

This exercise requires a partner and adds an element of surprise to your training. Stand with your back to your partner, and have them toss the HECOstix over your head while calling out a color. Quickly turn around, locate the HECOstix, and catch it by the called color (9). The blind catch challenges your reaction time and spatial awareness, further enhancing your hand-eye coordination.

  1. HECOstix Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course that combines HECOstix catches with various physical challenges. Set up cones, hurdles, or other obstacles, and navigate through the course while catching the HECOstix by the called color (10). This exercise not only improves hand-eye coordination but also tests your agility, balance, and overall athleticism.


HECOstix are versatile and engaging tools for improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time, which are critical skills for sports performance. By incorporating the 8 HECOstix exercises outlined in this blog, you can take your hand-eye coordination to the next level, enhance your athletic abilities, and boost your performance in various sports. Remember to practice regularly, use proper form, and challenge yourself with progressively more difficult exercises to achieve the best results.