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Web Glove Mini


Our Web Glove Mini is a game-changer for baseball & softball enthusiasts of all levels. Tailored to enhance your catching skills, it's a compact, innovative tool that transforms the way you train. Designed to slip onto your index finger, middle finger and thumb, it forms a snug pocket, ideal for mastering the art of catching. This unique design challenges players to develop precision and consistency, fostering the best handling skills in the game.

Perfect for a variety of training exercises, the Web Glove Mini is versatile for:

  • Catcher's framing techniques,
  • Outfield fly ball drills,
  • Middle infielder's quick turns and catches,
  • Infield ball pickups,
  • Diverse conditioning routines.
  • Especially beneficial for young players, it's the ultimate tool to instill confidence and refine catching techniques in a safe, controlled manner.

 Key Features: 

  • Specially crafted to snag Wiffle golf balls,
  • Ultra-lightweight for ease of use,
  • Constructed with robust neoprene for durability,
  • Flexible design accommodates both left and right-handed players,
  • Sleek black design, appealing and professional.


  • Develops 'Soft Hands' for gentler, more controlled catches,
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination significantly,
  • Boosts confidence in fielding skills,
  • Provides a safe learning environment for young players,
  • Helps to overcome the fear of catching hard balls.

The Web Glove Mini is not just a training tool; it's your partner in mastering the art of baseball catching. Unleash your potential with precision, confidence, and style.



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