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Unleash Your Full Potential:

The BlazePod and HECOstix Cognitive Training Revolution

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HECOstix + BlazePod

Welcome to the new era of cognitive training! HECOstix has partnered with BlazePod, uniting two revolutionary products that are redefining the boundaries of athletic training.

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Athlete Bundle:
 Designed with individual athletes in mind
4 Pods,
1 Charging Base
2 HECOstix
1 BlazePod Case for 4 Pods
4 PodBases
Complimentary 6-month BlazePod app Pro membership.

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Trainer Bundle:
 Built for coaches and trainers
6 Pods,
1 Charging Base
2 HECOstix
1 BlazePod Case for
6 Pods
6 PodBases
Complimentary 6-month BlazePod app Pro membership.

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Coaches and Trainers:

Improved Training Programs:
Incorporating BlazePod and HECOstix allows coaches and trainers to design innovative and engaging workouts that train an athlete's cognitive and physical abilities together.

 Customizable Workouts:

 With a vast range of exercise possibilities, coaches can tailor workouts to suit individual athlete's needs, offering an adaptable training regime that can evolve alongside the athlete's progress.

Trackable Progress:
 Both BlazePod and HECOstix come with intuitive tracking features that allow coaches to monitor an athlete's performance and progression over time, helping to identify areas of strength and those that need improvement



Enhanced Performance:
 Training with BlazePod and HECOstix may improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination, speed and agility, resulting in superior athleticism.

Engaging Workouts:
 The combination of Blazepods' interactive light-based exercises and HECOstix's unpredictable movement provides a fun and engaging workout experience, making training feel less like work and more like play.

These tools can be used for solo workouts or group activities and are adaptable to a wide range of sports and fitness levels, offering a comprehensive training solution.

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By combining the use of both HECOstix and BlazePod, you will unlock new levels of your athletic potential. Enhance your reaction speed, amplify your hand-eye coordination, improve decision making, and boost your overall cognitive skills.